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Morzinga B just received an upgrade and now comes with a dose of Organic Moringa Leaf Powder to add to its full-spectrum B-Vitamins. Along with its anti-inflammatory properties, Moringa contains calcium and phosphorous, which help keep bones healthy and strong.

Morzinga B is our caffeine-free, stimulant-free* version of B-LITE. B-Free is the perfect way to deliver the full-spectrum B-Vitamin complex and other non-stimulating, organic botanicals without taxing your nervous system daily. This is the go-to product for those on medications or who may be ultra-sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants.Morzinga B is packed with our highly bioavailable, full spectrum B-Vitamin complex, certified organic botanicals, appetite controlling ingredients and extra magnesium to help stay focused, control cravings and feel balanced.

Morzinga B

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