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B-LITE|XTRA Daily Energizer. 2-4 Week Supply (When used as Directed)


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The B-LITE|XTRA Extra Strength Daily Energizer 30ct bottle represents a 15-30 day supply depending on how many you take a day.  A perfect way to try B-LITE|XTRA for a month! Become a Brand Fan for free and save every time!

IMPORTANT: Read the usage directions and warning on the picture of the label. B-LITE|XTRA is for healthy, experienced B-LITE users only! We must note that B-LITE|XTRA is significantly stronger than regular B-LITE. Do not exceed more than (1) capsule at a time. Do not exceed more than (2) capsules in a day. Drink half of your body weight in ounces of purified water daily. Keep out of reach of children!


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