Are you toxic?

Yes. We're all toxic.

Scientific research continues to discover the negative impact on our health that results from our heavy exposure to a toxic world. Our bodies are overloaded. Our food is undernourished. And our fast-paced lifestyle leaves us stressed and fatigued.

The question is no longer whether or not our body is holding toxic chemicals—the question is how many? And what kinds of adverse effects are they causing inside our body?

Not only are these chemicals being linked to cancer, but also to autoimmune disorders, reproductive and fertility issues, an array of diseases, and the most recent link—obesity.

Body Burden

A chemical body burden represents the types and amounts of harmful substances that are currently present in a person’s body


Did you know...

More than 1,000 new synthetic chemicals are being invented and introduced into the marketplace every year

Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in 9 out of 10 Americans

Over 200 toxic chemicals are found in the umbilical cord blood from the average U.S. newborn

That new car or new couch smell is really the evaporation of volatile chemicals such as formaldehyde

Non-stick cookware gives off a toxic gas that causes lung damage and cancer

European governments have banned 1,200 more cosmetic chemicals than the U.S.

The facts on this page are from the alarming exposé The Hundred Year Lie by Randall Fitzgerald

you're not're toxic!

Your body uses excess adipose tissue as storage for chemicals and toxins when its natural elimination methods become overloaded. This protection mechanism keeps these harmful compounds away from our vital organs and tissue where they cause more damage. In other words, the higher our chemical body burden, the more fat we will store.


Today's special: Toxic Soup

The toxic storm we face in our modern world is blowing from all directions. Here are some common toxins that we can encounter in our environment:

Air Pollution

Plastic Breakdown

Synthetic Chemicals

Pesticides and fertilizers

Heavy Metals

Househould cleaners

Cosmetics and toiletries

Toxic waste and pollution

Water treatment and flouridation

Radioactive waste and fallout

Genetically modified organisms

Prescription and OTC drugs

Fast food, additives and preservatives

Flame retardants


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