with antioxidants, bioflavonoids, phytonutrients
and minerals

A new approach to ancient science

B-SAFE packs a knockout punch of natural, organic nutrients, vitamins and minerals that aid the body's natural detoxification and cleansing methods. This who's who of nutritional compounds will help strengthen your immune system and lessen your chemical body burden.

immune boosting daily cleanse

Unlike a colon cleanse or laxative product, B-SAFE is a potent—but gentle—formula that is meant to be taken daily. This synergistic blend of carefully chosen ingredients can help boost your body’s natural immune and detoxification systems and leave you feeling healthy and energized!


We live in an increasingly toxic world. Through our food, medicine and environment, we are exposed to a cocktail of harmful chemicals on a daily basis.

Over time, this chemical body burden can overload our natural elimination methods and may contribute to excess weight, poor energy levels and focus, and generally impact overall health.

A closer look...
Everybody is toxic

Scientific research continues to discover the negative impact on our health that results from our heavy exposure to a toxic world. Our bodies are overloaded. Our food is undernourished. And our fast-paced lifestyle leaves us stressed and fatigued.

The question is no longer whether or not our body is holding toxic chemicals—the question is how many? And what kinds of adverse effects are they causing inside our body?

Not only are these chemicals being linked to cancer, but also to autoimmune disorders, reproductive and fertility issues, an array of diseases. The most recent link—obesity.

the miracle that never stops

The human body is incredibly proficient at detecting and dealing with foreign, harmful substances that invade our system through our environment and diet.

But our bodies are becoming overloaded by our toxic surroundings, our consumer products, our demanding lifestyle, and our poor nutrition.

The need to cleanse internally is increasing in today’s chemical-age. Our bodies’ natural detoxification and elimination systems have not caught up with the invention, production and use of over 100,000 man-made chemicals—which has all happened in the last century.

Be clean. Be healthy. B-SAFE

B-SAFE provides organic nutrients and compounds to aid cellular cleansing and immune system support.
A strong immune system and a lighter chemical body burden can result in more energy, more focus and the healthy release of excess fat.

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Healthy weight loss through nutritional cleansing

Turns out we don't just store fat for energy. The body uses excess adipose tissue (fat cells) as storage for chemicals and toxins when its natural elimination methods become overloaded.

This protection mechanism keeps these harmful compounds away from our vital organs and tissue where they can cause more damage. In other words, the higher our chemical body burden, the more fat we need to produce and store.

Toxins & Obesity: The missing link?

The emerging studies of obesogens are finding correlations between our exposure to environmental impurities and excess fat storage. This could explain those of us that exercise regularly, reduce our caloric intake -- and still have a difficult time losing weight.

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