B-LITE|XTRA FAQ Brochures (Custom/Personalized) - 1000ct |

Great for sharing product information with consumers and prospects, as well as building your business. Includes: 1000 Personalized B-LITE|XTRA FAQ Brochures


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These are CUSTOM PRINTED brochures with your personal contact info printed on them. As soon as you order these, we will contact you within 24 hours to get your information that you want printed on them in the contact section.

Price includes UPS ground shipping. Allow 14 business days for delivery. (If you order this with other items, they will be shipped out before as any other order would.  Your brochures will come in a separate shipment.)

These tri-fold brochures will answer the most common questions for those trying or thinking about trying B-LITE|XTRA for the first time.


DO NOT TAKE B-LITE|XTRA WITH ANY OTHER CAFFEINATED OR STIMULANT CONTAINING PRODUCTS. Such as: coffee, tea, caffeinated soft drinks, energy drinks or Morzinga TM Energy (Morzinga Hydrate okay). Do not take until you've read the warnings on the bottle.