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Brand Pros are Nutrisail's Ambassadors. And they're awesome!

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What's a Brand Pro?

Brand Pros are Nutrisail's Professional Affiliates. So many of our customers have such a profound experience from our products, they want to share their results with everyone they care about.

There is no better advertisement to potential new customers than these glowing reviews from people they know and trust. Brand Pros are the very essence of Nutrisail's ongoing success. We reward their endorsement efforts with referral bonuses through an innovative, exciting pay-plan that is attracting new entrepreneurs and veterans alike.

With mobile-ready, cloud-based, state-of-the-art software and an experienced, driven state-of-the-heart support team, get ready to experience an opportunity that hasn't existed until now.

Simply share Nutrisail with those that you care about. We’ll take excellent care of your referrals. It's our specialty.

Brand Pros are Nutrisail's Ambassadors

Nutrisail's Independent Distributors are making a difference—and making money!

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Unlock Pro Potential

Earn cash. Purchase in bulk. Exclusive access to powerful, effective tools. Take a look at the features unlocked with a Brand Pro membership.

PRO Savings

Like Brand Fans, Brand Pros will enjoy Nutrisail’s lowest available prices as well as exclusive offers and PROmotions only available in the Brand Pro backoffice.

PRO Software

Track your progress, manage your referral team and access effective marketing tools to help you build your business. Nutrisail’s mobile-ready Brand Pro backoffice puts the power to grow in the palm of your hands.

PRO Commissions

Referral discounts on product is great—getting paid to help us grow is even better. Brand Pros can earn referral bonuses on every single order placed by a customer they referred to Nutrisail.

PRO Teamwork

Brand Pro’s are eligible to start earning long-term residual income with Nutrisail’s Two-Team Binary Plan. Build two balanced referral teams and get paid weekly on order activity in your entire tree!

PRO Retail Opportunity

Nutrisail products stand out on the shelves! Brand Pros can access Nutrisail’s wholesale catalog that services retail establishments and promoters who like to have product on hand.

PRO Lifestyle

Brand Pros can control the placement of new Brand Fans and Brand Pros who they are referring to Nutrisail. They can place these on either their outside right or on their outside left team.


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Brand Pro membership costs $36 per year. Click below to purchase your membership. Once you've purchased your membership, you'll finish upgrading your account from your dashboard.

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What makes Nutrisail's opportunity unique?

Only about one-fifth of our repeat product users are distributors actively promoting Nutrisail with the intent of earning commissions. The majority of our customers are unaware or uninterested in our opportunity. These customers simply love one or more of our products and use them every day. And they want to be able to buy them at the lowest possible price—which is distributor price.

What sets Nutrisail apart from traditional direct sales companies is the rewards--or product credit--system we’ve setup for our preferred customers—or Brand Fans. Brand Fans aren't distributors and they don't earn money. Instead they just earn product credit.

In every other mlm business—the cornerstone of their success is centered around turning every possible customer they have into distributors. And it’s worked well for those companies--if you're measuring their success by profit, which isn't the most important goal for us. Whether a customer comes and goes—-as long as they keep coming, the company will profit. But with continual new recruitment being a company’s primary objective, this results in a very high turnover rate due to a very low percentage of their distributors (which is most of their customers) achieving any kind of meaningful success at their marketing plan.


We take a different approach. We don’t try to convert every single person that tries and likes our products into distributors. For the people that want that, we have a very innovative pay plan they can take advantage of. But we get know our customers. People that place orders with us, especially the ones that are regular customers, we get to know them. It’s why we’re in this type of business. And we learn about what their motivations and desires are. We listen to their suggestions and feedback. What we’ve learned is that referral marketing is not for everybody. In fact, it’s not for most. So instead of centering our entire approach around recruiting as many distributors as we can, we focus on recruiting as many long-term customers as we can. Our products alone create long-term customers. We simply replaced earning money with product discounts for our preferred customers—or Brand Fans.

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