B-COMPLETE w/ XTRA | B-LITE|XTRA 60ct + B-SAFE 90ct + gut IQ (your choice) 60ct

Jump start your path to complete health with this multi bottle combo that includes a 90ct Bottle of B-SAFE Immune Boosting Daily Cleanse, 60ct Daily Energizer Bottle of B-LITE|XTRA, and your choice of 60ct Bottle of gut IQ Daily Probiotic and/or 60ct Bottle of gut IQ Digestive Enzymes. Make sure to choose from the drop-down your choice of either our gut IQ Probiotic, gut IQ Digestive Enzymes or for $30 more you have the option to have both!


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Brand Fans save $55.00!

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90 ct Bottle
60 ct Bottle

Save nearly $65 off Brand Fan individual bottle price with this special featuring our newest gut IQ daily Probiotic and/or Digestive Enzymes!


DO NOT TAKE B-LITE|XTRA WITH ANY OTHER CAFFEINATED OR STIMULANT CONTAINING PRODUCTS. Such as: coffee, tea, caffeinated soft drinks, energy drinks or Morzinga TM Energy (Morzinga Hydrate okay). Do not take until you've read the warnings on the bottle.