Minus -10 specializes in the rejuvenating powers of the three “R’s”….Repel…Repair…and Restore! The fourth could be relax as you enjoy all of this without the dangers of toxic chemicals, preservatives or alcohols of any kind. Many fall under the spell of -10 as soon as they catch the clean and calming aroma of this exquisite product.

  • My name is Collise Chapman and I am 60 years old. Minus 10 smells so fresh and instantly gives my skin a shiny sheen! It instantly decreases the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and a little goes a long way!
    Collise Chapman
  • I love the Minus 10. It makes my skin feel so soft and younger. Especially on my face!
    Hazel Gilliam
  • Love this organic moisturizer, especially living in a dry climate! Also love that people think I look younger!
    Kenneth R Carlson
  • I love how Minus-10 is giving me nourishment for my very dry skin! This cream keeps me hydrated 24/7. And I've seen results in a very little time!
    Cindy Fuchs