Which B is right for me?


Craving Control




Which B is right for me?

Craving Control
Full Spectrum B-Vitamin Complex
Thermogenic Energy
Caffeine Level
95 mg* 95 mg* O mg*

B-LITE|Classic and B-LITE|XTRA contain the same amount of caffeine, however each capsule of B-LITE|XTRA has nearly twice the quantity of other herbal and botanical stimulating ingredients as each capsule of B-LITE|Classic.

Morzinga B contains no caffeine or stimulants.

Safe to take in the evening

Not recommended and may impair sleep.

Not recommended and may impair sleep.

Perfectly safe and recommended to take in the evening.

Available Sizes
60ct Bottle
3ct Try-Me Pack
60ct Bottle
30ct Bottle
3ct Try-Me Pack
90ct Bottle
45ct Bottle
Clean Label
Can be taken with other products

B-LITE and B-LITE|XTRA are designed to work safely and synergistically with our core nutritional products or other similar products, but recommended to avoid taking at the same time as other thermogenic and caffeinated products and beverages.

Recommended for:
  • Those who are highly tolerant to caffeine and other energy stimulants.
  • Those who excercise and engage in physical activity on a regular basis.
  • Perfect for those who find they need to take (2) capsules of B-LITE Classic to achieve desired energy.
  • Those who live a moderate to active lifestyle.
  • Those who may have a mild caffeine sensitivity.
  • Those who are highly sensitive to caffeine and thermogenic stimulants.
  • Those who may suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.